2022 Forum Sessions

Join us at the 3-day event, August 22–24, in San Antonio, Texas and experience the 2022 NASBI Forum in person.

Here are just a few of the agenda items you can expect to see (scroll down for a complete session list in PDF format):

State of the Supplemental Market

Milliman, in collaboration with NASBI, conducts an annual survey of the supplemental market from a sales and inforce perspective. We also gain insight from our respondents on the topics most on their minds, the trends they’re keeping an eye on, their thoughts on product development, and their preferred partners in various capacities. As we kick off the 2022 NASBI Forum, we’re excited to share the results with you and the leading insights from today’s voluntary carriers.

Uncovering Biases – What aren’t we seeing?

NASBI is focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, and we want to continue building on the great content we’ve had the past two forums. In this session, we’ll discuss community impacts and social determinants of health to uncover opportunities for the supplemental benefits market to make a positive impact. Following the presentation, we’ll lead an interactive workshop with peer-to-peer discussions on how to take actionable steps back with us and improve our industry.

Critical Illness Update: Life Beyond the Pandemic

The pandemic has caused more than a wrinkle to supplemental health products over the last several months. During this session, we will discuss the impact it has had on critical illness products. Come join us while we hone in on how the market has changed and what the market outlook is expected to be going forward.

Claims Integration – Rhetoric vs Reality

One of supplemental health’s “buzzwords” has become integration. But what does claims integration really mean and what are employers and insureds looking for? We will explore capabilities and expectations as well as pricing impacts as the demand for integration heats up.

Worksite Life Insurance in a Post-Pandemic World

Panelist review the emerging trends in worksite life insurance seen in the 2021 Worksite Life Insurance Survey, including commissions, company risks, hybrid product riders, advancements in tech, and more.

Voice of the Customer – Who Cares?

We all hear what our sales teams and internal partners want from our products and services, but how often are we seeking feedback from our external customers? This session will feature an insured, an employer and a broker so we can gain insights from the people outside our companies who are dealing with our products and services.

Silver Tsunami: Navigating the Needs

The silver tsunami approaches, making the sandwich generation even soggier. Worksite benefits have often provided support for employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. Worksite benefits may be an ideal vehicle to support employees as they care for older, younger, and other family. Caregiver support stands to increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and mental and physical well-being – come hear from a few of the leaders in this space about how they’re aiming to impact today’s informal caregiver from a holistic perspective.

Survivor: Worksite Hybrid Products Edition

Like actual Survivor contestants, hybrid products are strong, versatile, and clever. Watch these contestants vie for the top spot on the island showcasing the variety of hybrid product features and strengths in the market today.