The Heart Wishwa Fund

NASBI, the National Association of Supplemental Benefit Insurance, Announces The Heart Wishes Fund

The National Association of Supplemental Benefit Insurance (NASBI), an industry organization for supplemental benefits professionals, is proud to announce the launch of our Heart Wishes program. Developed by the founder of NASBI (formerly NACII, initially focused on critical illness insurance), Dan Pisetsky, this program has been brought to life by a passionate team of board members who will carry on the mission in its inaugural year and beyond.

Dan Pisetsky spoke at the 2022 NASBI forum in San Antonio, Texas last August. During his presentation, he shared the story of his best friend George, who had recently passed away. Dan had purchased a portable electric wheelchair that was not covered by Medicare, providing George with the gift of mobility to visit family and friends. Dan saw a need to provide financial assistance for things that weren’t covered by health insurance, and the idea for the Heart Wishes fund was born. These items could include an electric reclining chair, computer, phone, or transportation costs for a friend or relative to visit.

Heart Wishes is built on the premise that small acts of kindness can make a major difference in a person’s life, especially those dealing with a critical illness.”

Dan Pisetsky

The Heart Wishes Fund will donate to someone in need every year, with the goal of providing financial support to those who need help with home modifications, treatment, medications, medical bills or any of the other countless financial burdens that people experience when they endure a critical illness of any kind. Grants will be awarded up to $5,000.

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NASBI was created to bring awareness to supplemental insurance products and promote compassion and innovation to find new ways to support those who need the coverage. While NASBI’s focus is education and awareness of the role supplemental benefits play in helping offset financial burdens of a serious medical event, Heart Wishes takes our mission a step further by solving a specific need to help overcome a hardship.

Kristie Lundy, president of NASBI, notes: “NASBI’s mission of awareness of the value and role supplemental benefits play in offsetting financial burdens of a medical event is taken to the next level with Heart Wishes. In the past, NASBI has always made donations to the American Cancer Society or the American Heart. Association. With Heart Wishes, we can fulfill a specific need to help overcome a hardship.”

The Heart Wishes program officially launched on May. 24 and will remain open until August 1, 2023. The grant recipients will be announced at the annual NASBI Forum, taking place this year in Nashville, Tennessee, September 6–8, 2023.

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NASBI was formed in 2002 as NACII. For twenty-one years, the organization has served as the leading advocate for critical illness insurance and supplemental benefits in the United States. NASBI has spearheaded programs designed to educate and disseminate information in an effort to increase knowledge of the growing need for supplemental insurance and promote the development of insurer products. NASBI also works to address key insurance department regulatory issues on behalf of industry professionals. In 2017, the organization recognized its expanded focus with the name change to NASBI (National Association of Supplemental Benefit Insurance), and it now include the full array of supplemental health products in its mission.

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